Your Giving Supports


Your pledge will sustain the spiritual growth of all who are a part of St. Mark’s, and help us nourish the needs of others in the name of Christ’s love.

Every pledge and every increase supports the deepening of our own hearts, and the good people who lead us in our worship, our educational programs and our outreach efforts.

Remember, a pledge to St. Mark’s is an intentional sign of your commitment. Your pledge allows us to create a fiscally responsible budget and reach our goals.



Beyond sustaining the various ministries of St. Mark’s,  including our support for the wider church, our main focus for this campaign is to sustain the necessary support for our staff. Our Rector Matt, Associate Salying, Assisting Priest Ricardo Avila, Director of Children, Teen and Family Ministries, Mary Greene, our music leaders Rebecca, Jim and soloists, and our administrative staff, Elyce, Katie, LeeAnne and Agustin are all key for sustaining vibrant parish ministries.



You can help us continue the financial stability of St. Mark’s, and strengthen our future ministry as a community of faith. A cost of living increase (3%) in pledging will achieve our goals.

Present annual pledges to St. Mark’s range from $150 to $22,000. The average pledge is approximately $2,700 per year ($52 per week).

If all our new members become pledging members and each present pledger considers an increase based on their ability we will succeed. Together we are strong.

Please consider prayerfully your own support in the weeks to come and submit your pledge after November 3rd (Stewardship Brunch) and before November 24 (Thanksgiving weekend.)