You can help us continue the financial stability of St. Mark’s, and strengthen our future ministry as a community of faith. A cost of living increase (3%) in pledging will achieve our goals. Present annual pledges to St. Mark’s range from $150 to $26,000. The average pledge is approximately $3,000 per year ($58 per week). If all our new members become pledging members and each present pledger considers an increase based on their ability we will succeed. Together we are strong.

Helpful Guidance

What is a pledge?

It is a spiritual commitment, discerned through prayerful consideration of the gifts we have been given – our health, our intellect, our energy, our circumstances, our family & friends, our education, and all of the areas where our lives have been blessed. The consideration of a pledge amount begins from what you know about your present situation; if circumstances change, a pledge can be increased or decreased.

For St. Mark’s, pledges guide the Vestry in planning and managing the annual budget. Pledges make it possible to have financial commitments to our staff, to maintain our facilities, and to fund the ministries that enrich us all.

How much do I pledge and how do I decide?

In the Bible, "tithe" is a specific obligation to give back to God one-tenth of what we have received. This 10% is a very ambitious goal to strive toward. Instead of being potentially intimidated by the prospect of 10%, we urge each member to consider giving an amount that is personally challenging and sacrificial. St. Mark’s is a more significant presence in your life when you have meaningfully given of yourself – financially or through gifts of time & talents. No matter what your commitment to St. Marks, you are a welcome and cherished part of our family.

Proportional Giving

No matter what percentage you choose to give, proportional giving is a consistent way to understand and manage your commitment to St. Marks. Even when you don't consciously set a percentage to give, any regular and intentional giving of a specific amount is a proportion of your income; it remains only to define the percentage.

We urge you to commit to St. Mark’s with the small step of completing a pledge form, and keeping a record of your gift by using the Personal Pledge Worksheet below.

Then, each year, you might build upon your previous year’s pledge by increasing the percentage an amount in your goal to work toward the tithe, the Biblical "tenth." In doing so you will be joining the majority of givers to St. Mark’s; you will be in good company, growing together in faithfulness and in gratitude to God.

Personal Worksheet

A guide to help discern the proportion of your own pledge
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