2017 Article – Matt and Crystal

mattcrystall Matt and I grew up in very different faith traditions, so in looking for a home church, we had to make some compromises. My Quaker background ensured I wanted a church that had time for quiet reflection and community prayer. Matt’s Lutheran background had him looking for a church that served Communion weekly, promoted the care and feeding of the poor, and had a music program of familiar hymns. We both wanted a church that was LGBT friendly, and socially conscious.

We found St Mark’s quite by accident, or possibly by the quiet guidance of God, because we’d attended Stan Isaacs’ pomander dances in the parish hall. And astonishingly we found everything we were looking for here. The choir and the music program give voice to beautiful music both modern and traditional, in a way that is deeply satisfying to both of us. The support of the church for the Orphanage in Haiti, the Giving Tree, Hotel d’Zink, supporting the food closet at All Saints and so many other social initiatives satisfy our desire to show our faith to the world.  And of course the welcoming spirit at St. Mark’s is so strong it makes it a joy to spend time at church, whether in the weekly services or helping out on a Parish workday.

Thanks for being our church,

Crystal and Matt Larsen

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