2017 Article – Buffy

buffywWe were an Air Force family and moved a good bit. My husband and I sponsored the youth groups in the various Episcopal churches we joined whenever we moved. We started doing this when we first moved to Albuquerque and our two baby sitters told us the youth group would have to disband if they couldn’t get a sponsor. We asked two other couples to join with us which worked out very well. We continued to do this when we moved to Southern California and back to Arlington.

I lived for many years in Arlington VA, but traveled often to visit family. Twenty four years ago my youngest son’s family moved to Mountain View and attended St. Mark’s. I always felt so welcome when we visited. If it were at holiday time, I would often be invited to sing with the choir, as some of their members were also on holiday. My son and I work in the rose gardens and trim some of the potted plants. (A friend called me a compulsive “dead-header”.) And, for the past two years, I have enjoyed the Wednesday evening bi-monthly book group started by Louise Gulda.

Since my move here 10 years ago St Marks has been my church home. Its local and outreach programs are a vital part of our ministry, are very important to me and need regular dependable support, part of which is my job.

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