2017 Article – Bruce

bruceaStewardship. I remember an Amtrak trip from New York’s Grand Central Station to Oakland’s Jack London Square. There was a steward who took care of us, including making up our bunks at night. He seemed to really enjoy his work. So stewardship can be fun. I certainly enjoy the little bits of stewardship I do at St. Mark’s.

For me St. Mark’s is a lot about community. I belong to many great communities: family, friends, neighbors, school, work, dancing, etc. Church is one of the best. St. Mark’s has been my church home since 1973. Sue and I married at St. Mark’s. Our children, Megan and Glenn, were baptized at St. Mark’s. I like that we belong to a worldwide community. It is fun to travel and see what is the same and what is different about our church around the country and around the world. I like every part of our services: prayer, music, readings, sermon, and even the announcements when there aren’t too many. I like that there are some constants but also variety. We have incredible clergy and musicians. I like being challenged by the Gospel message, and I am grateful for support received. God surely loves hermits who live a life of prayer and asceticism, but at least so far in my life, being part of a vibrant community like St. Mark’s has been very right and good.

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