2016 Article – Helen

HelenBSetting our priorities for gift-giving can be challenging, given the number of organizations in today’s world seeking financial support. And many of these organizations are responsible for worthwhile projects. But, in my view, financial support for the church is among our top priorities. If I were asked “why” I hold this view, I might respond in the following way.

I realize there are a number of possible responses to this question, but in the space that follows we can look at a few. “Giving back” to the world through the church not only helps the church serve the needs of many individuals, but it also can foster within each of us a charitable attitude toward others, given that the church is grounded in our love of God and thus for our fellow humans. We can all benefit from sharing our resources and, moreover, we set what I believe is a positive example for our young people, who embody our future.

With the growth in population and the competition for resources, many of our fellow-citizens are struggling to survive. “Surviving” can embrace many categories, such as living space, regular income, health needs, and education. And in the face of these needs, the church calls us to “love one another,” regardless of any differences, and to share our resources with the church to aid in its efforts to serve humanity in the name of Christ. Christ also calls us to “love one another,” and our sharing of resources through the church and its programs clearly expresses that love. The St. Mark’s community—both its parishioners and its clergy—embody that love in countless ways. And our contributions, both financial and personal service, help to ensure our future together.

No pledge is too small; we are called to give in accordance with our financial resources. St. Mark’s, both clergy and parishioners, is very grateful for whatever you can share.

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