2016 Article – Diane

DianeGI pledge because I belong.
I came to St. Mark’s about 5 years ago, having lived in the area since 1986. It is because of my experience here at St. Mark’s that I also became an Episcopalian. This was really not a predictable outcome, since I had been raised a Roman Catholic in an Italian family, married a Jewish man and raised my own children as Unitarians. But in fact, St Mark’s was the first place that I ever felt I was worshiping in “my” spiritual home and the first community where I felt my spirituality and community involvement were a perfect match.
The best example of this is for me is the St. Mark’s community work with Hotel de Zink. I have participated in HDZ for 30 years, but when I came to St Mark’s, Kate Dreher needed an HDZ co-chair and I volunteered to help her. If you knew Kate, you will understand that it was really an honor to work with her but then she moved… to Mexico! I felt a bit intimidated about the responsibility of providing nourishment for 15 people for thirty days at our Church but I had come to know that the St Mark’s community was not just a group of fabulous and generous cooks but that they were a group of people who helped each other. Realizing that replacing Kate as a leader was a pretty big deal, Susan Dansker and Tom Humphries in the first year post-Kate, and Susan, David Thiel and Chip Camden in the next years made themselves available as the HDZ team with me: backing each other up for nights with our guests and in case of food emergencies (yes, there is one every year!). And to further support the team and our guests, Matt drops in almost every night. This year, before the first week in May, our HDZ month, St. Mark’s folks had already signed up for two thirds of the dinner slots and many breakfast food slots and Crystal Larsen had already committed to organizing the kitchen to fit all that food. And every week, when Susan and I stood with our sign-up board at the back of a service, people asked us “what we needed”. I feel quite intensely that St . Mark’s is not just a beautiful Church with gifted ministers who raise us up every week, but this is a community that cares deeply about others and each other.
So, I pledge because I belong to St Mark’s and I believe in and support all the wonderful things that happen because of this community. Please join me in supporting this wonderful place. And please help Matt have a more blessed Advent by pledging by November 29!

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