2016 Article – Debie

DebieTMy family and I started attending St. Marks three years ago, just days after we moved to Palo Alto from Columbus, Ohio. We were new and raw and tentative that first Sunday, still homesick, and still wondering if we’d done the right thing, moving our family all the way across the country. We were new to the Episcopal Church, too, and full of questions about its traditions and rituals. What I remember is the warm and generous welcome we received at St. Marks during those early weeks. I remember the kind smiles, the invitations, the follow-up phone calls, and conversations. St. Marks turned out to be an ideal place for us to explore, learn, and grow into a new expression and practice of Christianity.

Fast forward three years. I now consider St. Marks my church home, and I’m excited to have an opportunity to “pay forward” the love and kindness my family and I have received in this community. For me, stewardship is about abundance – about remembering that God has given me far more than I could ever have asked or hoped for. It’s hard to hang onto abundance in a culture ever fearful of scarcity, but I’m trying. Because stewardship is also about trust – trusting that God is more than able to use my time, my talents, and my treasure to bless others, often in ways I can’t imagine on my own. All I have to do is let Him.

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