2015 Article – Gingie

Why Saint Mark’s is Important to Me

The Saint Mark’s Community is my home base in an otherwise too-busy world. For the last fifteen years, I have been blessed with a challenging and absorbing job at a tech company. The pull of my personality is toward activity, which makes me a good fit for the workplace world of doing. When I first found Saint Mark’s, I wept during some of the services, so deeply relieved was I to sit, listen and sing in the presence of fellow worshippers. Every Sunday Saint Mark’s worship services invite me to be still.

When I first moved here from Boston in 1999, I felt like an uprooted transient. I figured I’d tough it out here a while before returning home. This softened when I went through the Inquirer’s Class with Matt and joined Ken Bencala’s Bible Study group. The Saint Mark’s community wakes me up: I am home, if I choose to realize it.

Nothing prepared me for the sheltering friendships I found as a member of a small group. My small group is the Adult Ed team. Our shared intentions, thoughtful give-and-take conversation and teamwork are pure joy for me. Yes, we work, but the work is a container for the connectedness we feel one to another. My Saint Mark’s friends bring me home to more peace in being and more joy in connecting. I am grateful.

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