2015 Article – Ann


Through the years St. Mark’s has been a conduit of God’s grace for me. Often I am not aware this grace is flowing until in the midst of it I feel a flame of warmth in my heart, or the comfort of a connection with another, or the spark of an idea that inspires me, or a sense of renewed energy to work as an offering to Christ. St. Mark’s has been a place of solace and challenge and work and questioning and prayer and more than I know in the 22 years I have worshipped here.

It is a place where at the sound of a hymn my tears have unexpectedly flowed. It is a place where I have worked with others to strive to serve the community; where I have sung songs with others, prayed prayers with others, smiled and laughed and, perhaps for me, the most grace filled moments–sat quietly in the pews with my fellow seekers.

St. Mark’s has been for me the stained glass windows that grace our walls. A whole made of many parts. Parts that filter the light in a variety of hues and depending upon the time of day reveal the picture in contrasting shades. Often those colors, shades and hues are the right ones for me at that particular time in my life. And so I have come to see all the facets of St. Mark’s life as valuable for us at some point in our spiritual growth.

Ultimately, for me, grace is that gift that God sends to us in so many different ways to pull us back to our home–to the kingdom within. Why else live a life? But to get back home? To become whole, holy? And with God’s grace I am here, at this place, at St. Mark’s.

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