2014 Article – Mary Beth

MaryBeth-Stwd2014My husband Bruce and I budget to give back. Each year, when the Stewardship letter arrives at our house, we set aside time to reflect on the alignment of our money to giving back, and, together, we fill out the Stewardship form and sign it.

We believe that faith communities are there to help us help one another and support each and every one of us in connecting with God. Our participation and acceptance in every other institution — work, school, and non-profit organizations — are based on what we do, what we accomplish, our age and our place in society. However, God accepts us for who we are, and in St. Mark’s, we work together to live that out.

Bruce and I are so grateful to be a part of the St. Mark’s community, and it is our joy to help support it, both with our money and with our time. Although Bruce is unable to participate in visible parish activities and very rarely attends a church service, still he supports St. Mark’s and my involvement, which seems to nourish us both in ways that I can’t’ easily describe.

I’ve been a member of St. Mark’s since 1976. For much of that time, I was involved in business and program leadership. Though I don’t do that now, I very much feel a part of this community. I dread writing, and I anticipated writing this statement with the usual dread. However, as I’ve been writing this, I’m surprised by a feeling of joy. It’s wonderful to write of my appreciation for the St. Mark’s community and of the terrific work that Matt, Salying, Mary, Ricardo, Elyce, and Katie do and the wonderful, respectful way they do it.

As you read this, you know that your Stewardship letter is coming, and that if you don’t fill it out before the end of the year, you will receive a phone call from a Vestry member. I hope you will think about your being in the St. Mark’s community and how that is different from the other places where you are, and then find yourself filling out your form with thanksgiving and joy.

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