2014 Article – Maggie

Maggie-Stwd2014Has someone ever asked you a really hard question to answer? Like, what is the meaning of life, or why were you born in the situation you were born in? Do you know that sinking feeling that you feel because you don’t have a definite answer to their question?

That is how I felt when I was asked what St. Marks means to me.

What St. Marks means to me cannot be captured in a word or a phrase or a paragraph. I honestly don’t know if it can be expressed in all of the words in the world. If I had to describe it to you, I would have to think. A lot.

And so I did spend a lot of time thinking about what St. Marks is to me. What does it mean? What have I gained from my 10 years at St. Marks and my 5 years at Youth Group?

And I think I have an answer that I can tell you. St. Marks is home. St. Marks is a safe house, a sanctuary, and a home for me. I have friends and family there. It has been a comfort for me when I’ve needed it and even when I haven’t needed it. It is my second home.

That doesn’t mean it’s not without fault. There are improvements that need to be made, things that could be changed. But, in essence, it is my other home, it is my happy place.

I wish I could tell you more. I really do. But I’ve never been a master of words, and it would take Shakespeare to take my scrambled thoughts about St. Marks and turn them into something worth reading. But I’ll leave you with a thought; St. Marks is special to me. I’m glad that my parents dragged me through years of Sunday School and made me become part of St. Marks. Because, now, I can’t imagine life without it.

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