2014 Article – Janet

Janet-Stwd2014I’m ashamed to say, when I was asked to write a bit about stewardship, I had to take some time to find out exactly what “stewardship” meant. Speaking to different people, and searching online, what I found was that stewardship means different things, to different people. So, here is my take, and what it means to me: When I was in Kindergarten, my parents decided to send me to The Philips Brooks school; where my grandmother, Betty Noeller, was the secretary. PBS was, at the time, an Episcopal Elementary school. We attended chapel twice a week, put on Christmas pageants, and mainly, learned to be good, caring people. The school’s motto was simply “Be Kind.” It’s a lesson I learned at 5 years old, and take with me every day of my life. It is something I strive to show everyone, and (hopefully!) model for my two young sons. It is a simple message, but also a very powerful one. It reminds me of the old saying that came about years ago “What Would Jesus Do?”. In my eyes, “being kind” can’t get any more Christ-like. Two years ago, my marriage ended abruptly in divorce, and I was left with the excruciating pain of processing that, while trying to learn how to be a single mother. My family has attended St. Marks on and off for years (I was baptized here as an infant!) and after one particularly challenging weekend, I got in my car, drove down Cowper to Colorado Ave, and found myself sitting in the back row of the 10am service. At the time I felt as though going to church was a ‘last resort’ to help restore my emotional sanity. However, what I found was not a ‘last resort’ situation, but a caring, KIND community, that has become a huge part of the lives of myself and Cameron and Cooper. The boys enjoy their time in Godly play, and I am thrilled to be working with our amazing youth group. This summer I was lucky enough to go on the mission trip to New Orleans; a truly once in a lifetime experience. In short, I’m still not exactly sure what stewardship means–to me, it means being kind, helping others, giving of yourself, and striving to be closer to God.

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